About me

brendajoey-largeI have  been caring for animals for over 26 years. I have experience working with wildlife rescue, and domestic animal rescue. I have experience with dogs, cats, birds, reptiles,exotics,lapines and livestock.I have worked for the boarding facilities and found them lacking in the quality of care I would require for my own animals. I have worked for wonderful veterinarians who taught me how to treat animals in case of emergency. I have a B.A. in Psychology with a focus on behavioral. Comes in handy for training although now my focus is care not training. All of these factors make me uniquely qualified to provide an excellence of care that can be difficult to find in the pet care industry. I have been a full time caregiver for pets for 14 years as of 2017.


I specialize in rescue dogs,seniors and special needs dogs. I am capable and trained to give meds and sub q injections. Previously abandoned animals often need a higher level of care and attention and as a full time caregiver I am able to offer that extra special attention.
I do not care for aggressive dogs,ever. 

Established in 2004From 2001-2003 I was working at a group home for emotionally disturbed teen age boys. I needed a break and went to work for a dog boarding facility in Oakland, Ca. I was not happy with the level of care in that environment. As a long time animal advocate and lover I knew that dumping large groups of dogs into small play space with untrained attendants was a bad game plan. I went to work for a local Vet. He was wonderful and taught me so much about animal care and behavior. I decided to go into business for myself with the business model that pets are people too and don’t deserve cages or limits of 3 potty breaks a day. I was busy from the start and have been able to care for animals full time ever since.  I moved to Las Vegas, lived there for 13 years, established my pet care business and grew it into a successful enterprise until I decided to embark on a full time RV lifestyle. Working while travelling is a dream come true and I am so excited to meet everyone and their lovely pets!

I look forward to meeting you soon!
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